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Best International Trips Under 50k (2019)

Welcome to the year of Brown Earth Pig Year. Shocked? Yes, according to the Chinese fortune calendar 2019 is called Brown Earth Pig Year. So today myfirstyatra.com tells you the Best International trips under 50k in 2019 where you can enjoy the best moments of your life. But there are factors too which affects the international trip. The first and the main factor is ‘budget’, everyone plan their trip according to their pocket, and if it exceeds then we end up dropping our plans. But after reading this article you will not drop your plans because we are providing you the list of countries which suits your pocket. So go ahead and give it a couple of minutes to read.

Best International trips under 50k - myfirstyatra.com

The United Arab Emirates

Among all the places in UAE, one cannot ignore Dubai at any price. Dubai is a hub for international tourists, also famous for its ambiance, cultural activities, shopping festivals and many more. Desert Safari is very popular among all the things to do in Dubai. So if you are planning for UAE, don’t forget to visit Desert safari, Ferrari world, Burj Khalifa which is the tallest building in the world right now, Dubai Mall which is the largest shopping mall in the world. As the time is passing, UAE have become the most visited tourist place in the world. So plan a pocket-friendly trip to UAE from India.


If we talk about tourism then it is the main source of economy of every country, And Singapore is famous for its tourism industry. Tourists are attracted by beautiful beaches and lovely resort which are the eye catching for every tourist. You can check your things to do in Singapore by visiting wildlife tours, culture tours, local sightseeing, food tours, garden festival, beaches visit and many more. So plan your trip according to your interest. Read below to know the more countries.


In my opinion, Thailand is the best country to visit if you want leisure and want some peaceful mind from the daily routine of your life. It is pocket-friendly and very beautiful, you can’t ignore the beautiful beaches and the crowded parties there. So if you are student and planning for memorable international trip then pack your bags and enjoy the parties in Thailand.

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Indonesia is famous for its volcano tours, there are several volcanos eruptions which are active right now. This beautiful country is bounded by its rich cultural heritage. You can explore Indonesia within 7 days, although no one can see whole country in 7 days but if we think as a tourist point of view then seven days are enough. You can easily explore this beautiful country under 50k budget i.e Indonesia comes under the category of Best International Trips under 50k.


Malaysia is a chief tourist hub in South-East Asia. Malaysia catch the attention of all the age group visitors whether travelling with friends, family and travel on your own. People love turquoise waters, attractive beaches, lovely climate and good atmosphere of country. It is also the one of the best International trip option from India under 50k.

Sri Lanka

We all know that Sri Lanka is one of the neighbouring country of India and all Indians want to visit this beautiful destination once in their life. Sri Lanka is famous for its changing climate and beautiful culture. You can feel like your own home in Sri Lanka but with no stress. So pack your bags and kick out your stress by visiting Sri Lanka.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a dream country for every kid because of its thrilling atmosphere. The main tourist spot is Hong Kon Disneyland which is a theme park managed by Hong Kong International Theme Parks. One of the largest theme park in the Hong Kong attract many kids to make their childhood memorable.


One of the cheapest tourist destination from India, Nepal is known for its highest peaks and beautiful nature. Nepal is perfect destination for adventure freaks and families too.


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