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Places to Visit in Goa for Youngsters

India is always be at the top of the world’s destinations if we talk about spending your vacations with your families, friends, or good ones. There is no doubt that India is a country where you can find your pleasant stay. Many tourists are attracted to India because of its natural beauty and of course, you can plan your trip or a long trip in a very low budget, that is why the percentage of tourists from the world has increased every year.   There are so many places in India which are famous for their history or their natural beauties.  So you can plan according to your needs either you want to take some knowledge or you want some freshness in your mind in the belt of Himalayas. I am sharing some places to visit in goa for youngsters. Have a look !


India’s top beach destination where you can spend good time at beaches and enjoy night parties with your friends and families, if you are fond of chilling around waves. Goa is divide into two parts one is north goa and second one is south Goa. North Goa is more crowded in comparison to south goa and also is famous for parties and clubs and markets while South goa is famous for its neat and clean beaches where most of the foreign tourist take a relax . I am sharing top places of Goa below :

 Dudhsagar waterfalls

     80 kms away from north goa , Dudhsagar waterfalls gives you a fresh mood when you arive there. The name is called dudhsagar beacause the colour of water is like dudh ( Milk ). Cold water coming by touching the railways tracks gives you the goosebumps. You can enjoy the lake by wearing the life jacket and enjoy foot spa for free by fishes availbale in the lake. If you are fond of photographs then the best place to do it.

 Aguada fort/Chapora fort

View of Vagator beach from the top of Chapora fort is like you are the king watching out the border. Enjoy the fort premises by clicking your bold photographs and listen the sea shore. You can also enjoy the Agauda Fort where many times movie scene are shooted. these two forts are the key destination in Goa.

 Basilica of Bom Jesus ( Old Goa )

Old Goa is famous for its old houses and churches. The famous church is situated in old goa which has become the favourite tourist place of Goa. The Quotes written there and messages given by jesus inspire you and gives you the positivity in your life.

Beaches of North Goa and South Goa

Olmost all tourist visiting goa must go for beaches. Beaches are divided into two region there i.e North goa and South Goa. North goa beaches like Baga beach and Calungute is famous for their crowd and south beaches are famous for their cleaniness. Most of the foreigners visited south beaches and take a chill pill.

Deltin Casino (Try your Luck)

Gambling is illegal on the land of India. That is why Casinos are not on the land. The most crowded places i have ever seen in Goa is casinos. Famous for gambling and try your luck at Casino Deltin. 90% of the tourist who visit goa is for Casino.

Titos lane

In Goa Night life means Titos lane, Filled with 100% youth with energy on different tracks. Enjoy the music with food and drinks gives you the pleasure night their. One who loves music and dancing should have go titos lane and must visit titos club.

Club Cabana and Club LPK

Club Cabana and Club LPK ( Love, Passion, Karma ) plays hollywood tracks . they are seasonable and one of the best night clubs of India. Creamy layer of youth and foreigners are the highlight of these two clubs,

Arpora night market (Retail)

Loaded with stuff and providing you all the accesories of goa at very cheap rate, this is all about Arpora Night Market. you can buy everything here at very low cost. I have heard that imported goods are also available here.

Dont waste time in your boring life. Stand up and plan your trip to goa. The best time to visit goa is from October to February, where you can enjoy the trip to dudhsagar waterfalss as well and also enjoy the Water sports. Most of the Tourists visit goa in the month of december and Jaunuary. So what are you thinking, Plan your vacations or weekends to Goa. See you soon !

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